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Foundations for learning
Writing theologically
Eric D. Barreto [editor]
Fortress Press
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Language Code
eng English
Title Writing theologically
Author Eric D. Barreto [editor]
Classification 2
207 Study & teaching
Author No. B24
Publisher Fortress Press
Date of Pub. 2015
Page ix; 157 p.
Size 23 cm
ISBN 9781451483406
Notes Includes bibliographical references (pages 149-157)
Subjects Christian literature -- Authorship Theology -- Authorship Academic writing
Contents Note 1 Introduction
Contents Note 2 Eric D. Barreto
Contents Note 3 Writing basically
Contents Note 4 Richard Newton
Contents Note 5 Writing persuasively
Contents Note 6 David G. Garber Jr.
Contents Note 1 Writing for the ear
Contents Note 2 Karyn L. Wiseman
Contents Note 3 Writing briefly
Contents Note 4 Shively T.J. Smith
Contents Note 5 Writing creatively
Contents Note 6 Angela Yarber
Contents Note 1 Writing publicly
Contents Note 2 Grace Ji-Sun Kim
Contents Note 3 Writing digitally
Contents Note 4 Adam J. Copeland
Contents Note 5 Writing purposefully
Contents Note 6 Melinda A. McGarrah Sharp
Contents Note 1 Writing personally
Contents Note 2 Raj Nadella
Contents Note 3 Writing spiritually
Contents Note 4 Jacob D. Myers
Contents Note 5 Summary: Of course, by writing we refer to the kinds of reflections, essays, and exams students will have to complete in the seminary classroom. But writing also encompasses the many modes of communication and self-discovery that creative expression can unlock. Writing Theologically introduces writing not just as an academic exercise but as a way for students to communicate the good news in rapidly changing contexts, as well as to discover and craft their own sense of vocation and identity. Most important will be guiding students to how they might begin to claim and hone a distinctive theological voice that is particularly attuned to the contexts of writer and audience alike. In a collection of brief, readable essays, this volume, edited by Eric D. Barreto, emphasizes the vital skills, practices, and values involved in writing theologically. That is, how might students prepare themselves to communicate effectively and creatively, clearly and beautifully, the insights they gather during their time in seminary?

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